15. Feb, 2017

Baltimore , Alabama Lead 2017 ABA Power Rankings

1. DMV Warriors 14-0
2. Mobile Bay Tornados 12-0
3. Austin Bats 12-1
4. Windy City Groove 11-1
5. South Florida Gold 17-3
6. Jacksonville Giants 10-2
7. Orlando Waves 12-2
8. Chicago Steam 10-2
9. Salina Saints 13-0
10. Chicago Fury 13-2
11. Richmond Elite 9-2
12. Grand Rapids Danger 12-4
13. Universal City Seraphim 13-5
14. Orange County Novastars 10-3
15. Atlantic City Cardinals 9-2
16. Kentucky Enforcers 12-6
17. Steel City Yellow Jackets 11-7
18. West Michigan Lake Hawks 9-5
19. Alabama Pro Elite Flyers 8-4
20. Carolina Cougars 9-4
21. Springfield Sting 8-3
22. Jersey Express 10-8
23. Columbus Blackhawks 10-6
24. Baltimore Hawks 9-7
25. T-PG Valor 7-6, Laredo Swarm 7-5

Teams to watch: Elmira Eagles, New England Anchors, Virginia Storm, Fredericksburg Grizzlies,Georgia Kingz.

Baltimore to host 2016 ABA All-Star Game

The American Basketball Association (ABA) announced that the Baltimore Hawks will host the 2015-2016 All Star Game in mid-April following the Final Four playoffs. "Gregory Brown and the Hawks did a fabulous job in their first season and we anticipate another great year," stated Tom Chichester , ABA Global SVP of Operations and All Star Game Committee Director. "They are putting together a fabulous weekend of activities and were the majority choice of the Selection Committee. We are looking forward to an exciting All Star Game." 

ABA Global launches Worldwide TV Partnership

February 1, 2016, Singapore - The American Basketball Association (Global League) in partnership with the Moñozca Foundation, has launched it's global television airtime agreement with one of Asia's leading television stations with a coverage of over 25 countries worldwide. 

The deal to air ABA Global games and other associated content had it's pilot run last year with the final 8 games aired with over 3 million viewers from around the world and a syndicated distribution agreement with a secondary global channel to cover commonwealth countries. 

The airtime agreement provides coverage for sponsors and advertisers of ABA teams in the United States and international teams who play in the ABA Global League. 

"It is a big step for ABA Global to commit to a global airtime agreement. This shows our commitment to the ABA Global League and it's adoption of international teams" said Don Sanchez, President of ABA Global. 

Inquiries on International Teams : susan.lee@abaglobalbasketball.com 

Hoopland partners ABA Global

8. Apr, 2015

April 8, 2015 . Tampa, Florida - The USD$300million Hoopland Theme Park, a vision of ABA Global Chairman and sports philanthropist Paul Monozca in collaboration with ABA Los Angeles Slam team owner Don Sanchez will soon rise in Florida, USA and the basketball loving nation of the Philippines.

The investment to develop the Hoopland brand comes after an initial $200m has already been spent to develop television and other commercial interests worldwide which was completed this year to benefit the ABA till 2024. This brings the total investment committed for ABA Global to $500million by the Monozca Foundation which includes both the US and Asia facilities.

Covering an area of 25 hectares for Florida and 60 hectares for the Philippines, the park will house indoor basketball courts coupled with resort hotels, a discovery center, museum, a sports science center and the Spirit Sports University, Asia's first sports institution producing executive level programs in the sports industry.

The park will have as key investors the Parmon Trust of Europe represented by British and Arab investors and Singapore's Monozca Foundation. Joe Newman, ABA USA Chairman and CEO has also been appointed to the board of directors together with Tom Chichester, Director of Officials. The board is chaired by Paul Monozca.

"Don Sanchez had this fantastic idea of a basketball park and even gave the name for the development. This is definitely a good fit with our advocacy for educational entertainment and to build a fan base for the ABA worldwide starting from the grassroots level and up" said Paul Monozca. The park will have tremendous presence from ABA teams from the United States which will take part in the ABA Basketball Academy and other events leading to the ABA World Basketball Cup in Las Vegas.

The Monozca Group is known worldwide as the key investor in the Coral World Park (www.coralworldparkexperience.com) a Euro1Billion ocean protection project in the Philippines and owns stakes in companies around the world from coconut products to an electric car company. He invented the world's first cross border fund transfer system called the Parmon Payment Network used by ATM's and sold the company in 2005 afterwhich he formed one of Europe's largest Philanthropic Funds. He invested in the ABA in 2010 forming ABA Global as part of his sports interests (www.abaglobalbasketball.com).

The Hoopland Theme Park will be a partnership with the American Basketball Association (ABA). The Hoopland trademark is registered by the Monozca Foundation in the Philippines, United States, China, Japan, Australia, Russia, European Union, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Canada.

Israel joins the ABA

8. Sep, 2014

September 8, 2014 - Miami, Florida --- The Maccabi Haifa basketball team, reigning champions of the Israeli Super League has acquired the American Basketball Association’s (ABA) Miami Midnites team based in Florida owned by businessman Jeff Rosen.

The acquisition cements the player exchange program between both teams where the best players from Israel and their affiliates can train and compete in US professional basketball. The Miami Midnites will participate in the ABA from November through April starting this 2014 to 2015 season.

Israel is the 6th international team to join the ABA Global Games after Canada, Japan, China, Russia and the Philippines. “The ABA is going global and we welcome Israel as the latest addition to the international teams to have its own franchise in the ABA, said Paul Monozca, Chairman of ABA Global”.

There has been a surge in interest in the ABA Global Games from various countries including Europe, Russia, Australia and the Philippines. The games provide a platform for national teams of each country to deploy in part or in full their player/s teams to train and compete against United States professional teams in the ABA where veterans and free agents play from the NBA and NCAA.

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